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How to manage Product Feed

Once you have done connecting the account and setting up your feeds, it's important to learn how to manage them. We will guide you on how to add a new feed, activate, deactivate, and delete one.

Go to Mageplaza Product Feed > Manage Feed to manage all your Product feeds.

After creating the feeds, the Manage Feeds screen will be displayed in a grid view format. It will include columns providing information about Feed name, Feed label, Marketplace, Feed URL, Imported products, Status, Last run, and Action.

Add new feed: click the button to create a Product feed.

Edit feed: Click on any feed to edit and update feed information.

Change feed status: Tick the checkbox of each feed or the Feed name checkbox to select all feeds.

  • Activate: Enable the feed status.
  • Deactivate: Disable the feed status.

Copy Feed url: This feature helps you gather all the data from the feed and import it into different customer channels like Google Merchant Center, Facebook, etc. You can copy the URL by clicking the copy icon and then paste it into your web browser to download the file.

View feed: Click on the View icon, you will be redirected to the product management page imported into the feed.

Sync feed: Clicking the Sync icon will synchronize the data of the respective feed to GMC. If you wish to sync multiple feeds simultaneously, simply check the checkboxes next to them, then click Sync located at the top of the navigation bar.

Delete feed: Click on the Delete icon, and the system will show a popup asking you to confirm the deletion of the feed. If you wish to delete multiple feeds simultaneously, simply check the checkboxes next to the feed names, then click Delete located at the top of the navigation bar.

  • Deleting the feed will not affect any data submitted to the Sales channel.
  • If you check the box Delete the feed from GMC also, the system will delete the feeds data from the GMC page when you delete the feed.

Note: If you want to stop syncing a feed, we recommend deactivating the feed rather than deleting it completely. When deactivating a feed, you can reactivate that feed later, but if you delete it, you will have to create it from scratch if you want to restore the feed.