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How to create feed and sync feed on your GMC

After linking your Google and Merchant accounts to Mageplaza Product Feed, you'll need to create a feed and synchronize it with Google Merchant Center. Here's how:

In Mageplaza Product Feed, access Manage feed > Add feed to add a feed.

  • General information:

    • Feed name: Enter a name for the feed. There's no character limit, letters, numbers, and special characters are accepted.
  • Store listing:

    • Target country: Choose the desired country from the dropdown list. Once selected, additional fields such as Language, Feed label, and Currency will appear.
    • Language: Automatically determined based on the selected target country.
    • Feed label: Automatically generated based on the country code. Customization is possible by entering a label manually, which can contain up to 20 characters including letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens (-), without spaces.
    • Currency: Automatically determined based on the selected target country.
  • Attribute mapping:

    • Feed field: Attributes displayed on GMC will be automatically mapped with Shopify data. Available attributes can only be selected from the Optional attribute list.
    • Default category: Choose a product category from the Google product category list to assign to your feed.
    • Product identify: Declare to Google if your site's products use UPI (unique product identifier) by selecting the appropriate radio option.
  • Product selection:

    • This section allows selection of either syncing all products from Shopify to the sales channel or choosing specific collections from the dropdown list.

After customizing the fields above, click Save & Sync to create a feed and synchronize products to the sales channel.