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How to configure Settings

This feature allows you to set some settings about your account and the applications sync time.

I. Integration

1. How to change a Google account

Step 1: Access Mageplaza Product Feed > Settings > Integration > Google Account

Step 2: Click the Change account button to select a new Google account in case you want to integrate with other means.

Step 3: At the confirmation popup, select Change to make changes to the account.

Step 4: Log in to your new Google account in the Google window and select Allow to accept sharing account information as well as grant permissions to the application.

Your new account is displayed in Google connect.

2. How to synchronize Shopify data to Google Merchant Center

  • Merchant ID: After you successfully create the feed, the Merchant ID will be synchronized from the feed and the connection will be displayed in Settings.
  • Primary domain: connected domain information on GMC. If the Merchant ID has been verified, it will display domain information and a connected icon. On the contrary, the error message Not verified will be displayed when that domain has not been verified.

Verified domain

Unverified domain

  • Tax settings and Shipping settings are aligned with the selected GMC account when initially creating the feed. Whenever you switch GMC accounts, these settings will adjust accordingly.
    • Click the Sync button to synchronize Tax/Shipping settings from Shopify to the feed. After syncing, the button changes to Re-sync.
    • If you switch your GMC account, the Re-sync button will revert to Sync so you can synchronize settings for the new account.
    • Click on Custom on GMC action to manually configure settings on GMC.

II. Feed Schedule

You can choose to sync feeds between Shopify, the App, and Google Merchant Center automatically.

Select the sync frequency from the Dropdown list: Daily, Weekly, and customize the specific time within the day.