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Get started with Mageplaza Product Feed

Mageplaza Google Shopping Feed is an application powered by Mageplaza - the perfect solution for creating and managing product feeds easily and effectively! With Mageplaza Product Feed, you can freely create high-quality product feeds to synchronize your product information with leading online sales platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, and more.

This application not only helps you increase your reach and increase sales but also reduces the effort and time required for product feed management. With an easy-to-use interface and flexible features, Mageplaza Product Feed is a great assistant for your product marketing strategy. Check it out today and experience the power of freely creating high-quality product feeds!

Mageplaza Product Feed app for Shopify


Mageplaza consists of experienced professionals who have over a decade of expertise in e-commerce. Mageplaza Product Feed reflects our passion and commitment. We aim to deliver a distinctive and satisfying experience to our customers. This marks our second app on the Shopify marketplace, and to promote its usage, were providing it at no cost. Above all, we are confident that Mageplaza Product Feed will greatly benefit our customers.

Mageplaza Product Feed Benefits

  • Expand Customer Reach: Create quality product feeds to sync product info with top online sales platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, etc., expanding customer reach.
  • Boost Sales: Featuring products on leading ad platforms increases engagement and conversions, driving sales growth.
  • Save Time: Streamlined interface and automation minimize time and effort in managing and updating product feeds.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate with popular CMS platforms and systems like the Shopify app for a smooth setup.
  • Analysis and Optimization: Access performance analysis tools to monitor and improve product ad strategies, optimizing marketing efforts.
  • Expert Support: Our team of professionals is ready to assist you with using and optimizing the Mageplaza Product Feed.

Highlight Features

  • Supports many platforms: Google Shopping, Facebook (coming soon)
  • Easily manage multiple feeds (create, customize, delete feeds, and update status)
  • Stay updated with automatic or manual data synchronization
  • User-friendly interface and responsive design